Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Refrigerate......the simple way

We all have had the pleasure of drinking cool and tasty water from an earthen pot. It is common knowledge that evaporation principle leads to a drop in water temperature within the pot. And it requires no electricity, just a cheap earthen pot.

Let us see the PROBLEM
We all have also read about vegetable prices going sky high due to shortage and soon in a few weeks, after a new havest, the onion cost goes from 60 Rs per kg to as low as Rs 2 sometimes.
Why this price fluctuation. The reason is simple. No way to store or refrigerate the vegetables for the farmers. All produce is rushed to the market and farmers lose heavily.

Obviously relating para 1 and para 2 leads to a simple SOLUTION.

The Pot-in-Pot system consists of two pots, a smaller earthenware pot nestled within another pot, with the space in between filled with sand and water. When that water evaporates, it pulls heat from the interior of the smaller pot, in which vegetables and fruits can be kept. In rural Nigeria, many farmers lack transportation, water, and electricity, but one of their biggest problems is the inability to preserve their crops. With the Pot-in-Pot, tomatoes last for twenty-one days, rather than two or three days without this technology. Fresher produce can be sold at the market, generating more income for the farmers.

We can try this at home as well.

 DESIGNER: Mohammed Bah Abba
 Nigeria, 1995
 Earthenware, sand, water
 DIMENSIONS: 16” to 22” diameter

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